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Yoga and your authentic self

Yoga and your authentic self As 2014 draws to a close, it is time to let go of the previous year and reflect on what we would like to accomplish and more importantly, who we would like to be in the New Year. In 2015, would you like to be more authentic? Yoga not only improves your body’s health,

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Obtaining both strength and flexibility through Yoga for an ideal body composition

Strength without flexibility creates stiffness.  Flexibility without strength creates  weakness and instability.  The ideal body composition has both strength and  flexibility, which is one of the reasons why Hatha Yoga is so popular. How yoga builds both strength and flexibility The body weight bearing poses that are part of a standard yoga class are designed  to increase whole body strength and flexibility rather than isolating particular  muscle groups which is an effect that conventional weight training can have.  This  ensures that the whole body is balanced and able to support itself.  The focus is on  core strength, building power in the muscles bracketing the spine.  Using body  weight and gravity to strengthen the muscles means that our bodies are adaptable  to everyday tasks.   Yoga practice ensures that strength in the body is  proportionate and gradual, with less risk of injury from other conventional  strength training practices.  A variety of muscle groups are activated during the  transition between yoga poses that would not normally be called upon.  In this  way, Yoga practice stabilizes and supports the whole body. Flexibility relates to the muscle fascia.  Tendons and ligaments are not meant to  be stretched as they are designed to hold the muscles and bones in place, but  muscle fascia are the connective tissue in the body that are designed to stretch  safely.  Having flexible muscle fascia has been shown to increase joint lubrication,  aid healing, assist circulation, and boost mobility.  Hatha yoga poses use  prolonged stretching to elongate the muscle fascia, which creates permanent  positive changes in flexibility.  In this way flexibility is created in the body at the  same time as strength is stimulated. For an ideal body composition, the muscles need to have strength as well as  flexibility.

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Yoga for anxiety

What is anxiety? Anxiety is the inner turmoil created from the negative anticipation of future events. It is accompanied by nervous behavior and can physically affect the body, especially if it is allowed to continue long term without treatment. Anxiety triggers the “fight or flight” response in the body the same as fear does, but fear is triggered by a

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