Keeping your lumbar safe in backbends

We all know how good back-bending postures make us feel, so lets explore how to do it safely. First of all by back-bending postures I’m referring to all poses that open up the front surface of the body… including Warrior 1, high crescent lunge, bow (danurasana), Supta virasana and of course full wheel (Urdvha danurasana).

Our lumbar spine already has enough of a curve in it so we don’t want any more opening there – so we need to apply cues to STABILISE the lower back in order to open the appropriate areas . These cues include: drawing the navel and lower ribs towards the spine to active the abdominals and lengthening the tale bone towards the knees to bring length to the lumbar area. If you feel ANY COMPRESSION through the lumbar – come out of posture.

In back-bending postures we want to lengthen the muscles and fascia of hip flexors, quads, belly, pecs, etc while bringing stability to the spinal, hip and shoulder joints. = no hyperextention and long strong muscles. Regular attendance of classes @ Sally Louise Yoga with help you consolidate your understanding of the different cues for the different postures.. To aid a life-long, safe yoga practice.