General Hatha

Living and teaching in Torquay/ Jan Juc since 2008, Sally's aim is to pass on the beautiful and transformational tradition of Yoga to all students, in a gentle and nurturing way, as it has been transmitted to her. As well as embracing the 'family life' and running a business, Sally herself, is a devotee of Yoga and Meditation. Her teachings are based on an experiential foundation, believing the transmission of techniques from teacher to student, is most beneficial/powerful once the teacher is deeply immersed in the practice themselves. Sally's personal daily yoga and mediation practices range from 3 to 5 hours each day.

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  1. Kaz
    6 hours ago

    Hi dearest sally, hope this finds you well and happy. I was looking at your timetable, and you now have just the 2 classes on Tuesday and Friday, is this correct? Love kaz. Xxx


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