A day in the life of Sally Louise

Ever wondered what our Swami gets up to as a day to day routine? here’s a sharing from her…

Hi all, A day in the life of me! Well it changes a little from day to day.. but here’s the most regular routine i have..

rise – 20 min Meditation/pranayama
Breakfast – homemade muslie, organic fruit and homemade nut milk.

half hour of jobs

1-1.5 hrs Qi Gong

Teach/work for SL Yoga

lunch – Organic green juice with sprouted bread with a topping of some kind – home grown tomatoes and pepper at the moment .

1 hr Qi Gong

any other jobs that need doing or gardening or family time

ASANA practice

dinner – usually some kind of protein with veggies or salad

family time

20 min meditation

bed between 8.30- 9.30pm


For me, this way of living doesn’t require discipline anymore.. it’s who i am.. i feel the most connected, centred and energised when i live like this, so why would i live any other way!! sending you all support to make positive choices for yourself everyday.