A day in the life of Sally Louise

Ever wondered what our Swami gets up to as a day to day routine? here’s a sharing from her… Hi all, A day in the life of me! Well it changes a little from day to day.. but here’s the most regular routine i have.. rise – 20 min Meditation/pranayama Breakfast – homemade muslie, organic fruit and homemade nut milk.

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Keeping your lumbar safe in backbends

We all know how good back-bending postures make us feel, so lets explore how to do it safely. First of all by back-bending postures I’m referring to all poses that open up the front surface of the body… including Warrior 1, high crescent lunge, bow (danurasana), Supta virasana and of course full wheel (Urdvha danurasana). Our lumbar spine already has

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The essence of Our Torquay Studio

For me, opening a Sally Louise Yoga Studio in the heart of Torquay, Surf Coast Victoria, has been a humbling experience. Rather than this be ‘MY’ studio, i very much feel that this is ‘Torquay’s’ studio. A yoga home where the community can come, practice, grow, connect and love all that yoga offers. We aim to offer the community a

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